How Much Will It Cost?

Our pricing is simple and affordable. Prices start at $30 for a single photo and go below $17 per photo. Ala carte items include +5.00 per clipping path/outline, +$10.00 per photo rush fee, +$2.00 per item group photo. If we do not receive a return shipping label or shipping account number and you would like your items returned to you we will invoice you for return shipping cost (actual cost).

What Is Included In The Pricing?

All pricing includes photography of your item with access to download JPEG files of your photos. Our server allows the option to download multiple file sizes: high resolution 4000px x 2662px, web resolution 1800px x 1800px and thumbnail 200px x 200px. Full usage rights are included with all photos. All images are color matched to the product and retouched for dust and scratches. Backgrounds around the product will be toned to 255/100% pure white. Shadows where the product makes contact with the background will be maintained as well as reflections (when desired). Products that arrive damaged (product damage, label damage, scratches, missing parts, etc) requiring excessive photo-shopping will be billed separately at 40.00 per hour (prorated per 15 min).

How Do I Pay?

Once we’ve received your project details we will send you a detailed quote via email within 24 hours. If you approve of our quote you will be directed to our hosting website – www.ZoneTenHosting.com – where you will sign into a ready made account. From here you will click on your order quote and be prompted to pay with any major credit card or PayPal. Once payment has cleared and we have your product in hand your 10 day delivery window begins. If paying by check, start of photography will not begin until your check has cleared in our account (+ 1-2 days) therefore that will delay the start of your 10 day delivery window.

How Do I Ship My Items To You?

Please send best quality items with no visible damage to product or label. Packaging your product with extra care will help expedite your project as quickly as designed by our 10 day or less turn around. If your items are damaged in shipping we’ll contact you to send replacement or to discuss Photoshop options. Products requiring excessive photo-shopping (product damage, label damage, scratches, missing parts, etc) will be billed separately at 40.00 per hour (prorated per 15 min).
We are located in St. Louis, MO. Please contact us for a shipping address.

How Long Does It Take?

After your products have been received and payment has been made, our standard delivery time is 10 business days or less. Need it sooner? We offer a 5 business day rush for + $10.00 per photo.

How Do I Receive My Photos?

After your project is complete we upload your photos to our photo hosting site: www.ZoneTenHosting.com. You will then be notified via email how to access your password protected photos along with instructions on how to download your photos.

What Type Of Files Will My Photos Be?

We deliver your files as 4000px x 2662px JPEG saved at highest quality. This is our full resolution file size useful for printing; for sizing up (not more than 2x) or down to your specific needs. There is also the option to download other useful file sizes: 1800px x 1800px for average web use and 200px x 200px – a typical thumbnail size. We are capable of delivering files of any type. Please let us know if you need something other than JPEG saved at highest quality. Layered files will incur an additional fee.

What If I Don’t Like My Photos?

As a small, owner operated studio, you’ll have one on one communication with your photographer from start to finish. We’ll work with you from the beginning of your order so that we understand exactly what you’re looking for. For example, maybe our lighting doesn’t hit your product just the way you thought, or the label is slightly askew from where you’d prefer? We’ll do our best before shooting to get it right. If your photos are still not perfect we’ll make it right.

Do You Photograph Items Larger Thans 2Ft?

Yes, we do photograph items that are longer than 2 ft (longest dimension of your product). Please contact us for more info on pricing and shipping.

How Do You Charge For Group Photos?

If you have multiple items that you would like photographed as 1 photo we charge + $2.00 per extra item in the photo (example: 3 items in 1 photo: $30 + ($2 x 2) = $34). Clipping paths for group photos will be charged at number of paths per image (possible example: group photo where items are grouped touching each other = 1 path @ +$5.00 vs. group photo where items are separated by white space = number of items/paths @ +$5.00 each).

Do You Offer Proofing?

Yes. Proofing might be helpful if you aren’t sure what look you’d like for your product photo (shadow or reflection or other) or if you need help visualizing our collaborative art direction for your group photos. Proofing is a separate service where pricing and scheduling are determined upon project specifics. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

How Are My Items Returned To Me?

We’re happy to repackage and ship your items back to you. When first shipping your item to Zone Ten you can print a return label to send with your items. You can send us an account number to bill to or we can pay for return shipping and bill you separately. If you don’t need your items returned we’re happy to keep them and donate them to an appropriate charity.

Can I Personally Deliver Items To Your Studio?

Yes. We are located in Saint Louis, Missouri. If you are local and would like to deliver your items to us in person, please contact us for details. Also, if you’re local we’re available to pick up your items at your facility for a nominal fee.

Can Zone Ten Come To Me?

Yes. Need to keep your samples in house? Need to art direct your shoot? For whatever reason, we can travel to set up at your location. We just need a dark enough room that is at least 150 sf. (depending on project specifications). Special fees apply. Contact us for a custom quote.

What Does Zone Ten Mean?

Zone 10 refers to the 11’th fragmentation of the grey scale as it relates to the Zone System – a photographic exposure and film development technique developed by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer in the late 1930’s. Where in, photographic exposure and printing, Zone 0 represents black, lacking any detail, Zone 10 represents the analogue equivalent of digital 255 – white showing no tone or detail – much like the background in the photograph of your product.

What Is Zone Ten Hosting?

www.ZoneTenHosting.com is the photo hosting website for Zone Ten Studio. Zone Ten Hosting is the website where all of our customer invoicing and payment (via PayPal) occur, as well as photo viewing and download. Customer info and order history are conveniently stored at Zone Ten Hosting in a password protected user account. We try to keep our business model simple and lean. This separate website offers us the most flexible, simple to use and cheapest method to host our downloadable photos. This separate website helps to accomplish our goal of keeping costs low for us and our users all while maintaining the services that you expect.